This was 10th April, 2009. My birthday. Shared by somany people in the world and also with some of my close friends. As an Indian having descended on this mad world directly from the rural background, I never knew that people also celebrated their own birthdays!

Back in schools, we used to celebrate the Jayantis of various great personalities. I dont know if they also celebrated their birthday as they achieved their greatness in their own lifetime!! We are just common people, behaving like a common person and the majority of the common people in India do not celebrate their people even now!

So, I never celebrated my own birthday! Although there was an exception last year as a few friends of mine made it for me! This year, I enjoyed a party thrown by my supervisor the same day. But the last year’s event had made me conscious that it was my birthday! My birthday!!! There are lots Happy Birthday wishes on my Orkut scrapbook! I thank them all for making me conscious of MY SELF, EGO, PERSONALITY!!!

This year I celebrated my own birthday! In my own style. I gave vent to a childhood passion after a long time! All alone!

I sang to myself! Closed behind the walled room of Mandavi Hostel! All in a secret! No body here knows I also have a desire to sing!! But I am making this public now. Yes, frieds, I also sing. And desire to be a good singer! Alas! I couldnt do that!

But today was my birthday! And I could sing for myself! I chose to give that liberty to myself today! And sang. Thanks to modern technology! I can share a few of the mukhdas with you as well here! Check it out below on my eSnip folder!

CAUTION: Do not ask me to give any public perfomance based on this post! Nor should you judge my musical skills based on this. Some hard work has gone into it to get the effects! Do not forget that I am a linguist and can manipulate things like voice as is common in today’s industry!